Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chatterbox- intern edition

Victoria: did i tell you about the HILARIOUS jacket that merrell sent to housekeepers?
it is the funniest thing
me: nooo
who's merrell?
Victoria: they make boots and stuff
and this "stuff it yourself" jacket
me: oooh i see
Victoria: its just the worst idea ever
4:05 PM me: hahahah
that's ridiculous
Victoria: it came with this little booklet of photos
of things people had stuffed in there
me: i thought merell was some girl we know
like what?
Victoria: like birdsnests and lint and leaves and newspaper and ramen
4:06 PM and like dead feathers they had found on the forest trail
me: haha
Victoria: wooooops
me: wait, one more thing
Victoria: yes
go on
me: they hired a new fashion assistant here
i wasn't quick enough
Victoria: oh no!
me: but guess what her name is...
Victoria: elizabeth?
me: gaaaaahhhhh
4:07 PM Victoria: oh haaaaaa
me: yes!
Victoria: she is trying to steal your life!!!
me: its horrid

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