Monday, June 30, 2008

Dance Dance Dance

More dancing feet from Oak. This time Jeffery Campbell Akria Beaded Sandal.

Listen to Lykke Li "Dance Dance Dance" while you shop.

Go Target Go

Target just put up their new GO collection designed in house which looks to be called New Next Now. It's in stores and on their website now. I think I like it- the dresses are cute and simple. I really like the Midnight Floral print of the Printed Sundress. It reminds me of Chris Benz Resort 08. The Jacquard Floral Ruffle Top looks a lot like TopShop, but then again, didn't we all want that dress minus the shipping and exchange rate. My favorite item by far is the Retro Demi Swim Top. Get me to the beach now.

Take Ivy

This is too wonderful. Late 60's Ivy Leage style seen by Japanese photographer T. Hayashida.
Via A Continuous Lean.

Compare to today- the biggest difference being the girl to guy ratio.
Via The Sartorialist.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I've been seriously considering getting a tattoo of a gun on the inside of my index finger. Despite how good guns look stenciled on the likes of Freja, it could be a completely regrettable decision. Thankfully Anomaly Jewelry has given me the opportunity of a trial run with their Young Guns Ring available at Red Cake in San Francisco.

Fail Origami

The most wonderful origami video via swissmiss.

Related fashion news? The United Bamboo sale.
Instead of going to the sale I will just watch this video over and over.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Shopbop has new viewing options. This looks like the first in what will be a couple of renovations to their site. I overheard that they're integrating the designer boutique so that the new items come up in their What's New section- good move for their site, bad move for me lusting after things I can't afford.

Also BopBasics is going to be expanded to include more accessories and jewelry.

Here's to the Boys

I'm all about The Cut's coverage of the use of unconventional models at mens fashion week. Even more so I'm all about Yohji, Dsquared2, and Vivienne Westwood booking these guys. Although I really can't understand how booking Tyson would be considered risky. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

I get a lot of strange looks when I go shopping and ask salespeople not to put my purchase in a bag. Usually I carry a big enough bag that if I pick up a new top I don't need one. I do this for a couple of reasons. One, to reduce waste- plastic bags really are not as useful as they might seem and who really needs three sheets of tissue paper protecting your new J.Crew tank. Two, I'm a little lazy, so why voluntarily amass more trash that I'm just going to have to pick up off my floor two days later and take out myself. No thanks, I don't need a bag. Should I wrap it up for you? Nope, just like that is fine.

Two stores have recently come up with some creative solutions to this problem.

BlackBird in Seattle is taking donations of your old bags. They will reuse them either in their shop or at the local farmers market. (so Seattle, no?)

New York's Kiosk is having a similar if not completely repurposed bag drive. Artist Jason Rosenberg's mini exhibit Plastic Bag Happening allows you to bring in a bag of your own and he'll trade you one of his (posibly cooler) used bags. One of his favorites is Bloomingdales's Big Plastic Bag.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a Hostess

Look cute and sweet and delicious and you get the idea.
Erin Vest Top and Mischa Cami both by Myolee.

une fille come moi

New Blog: Elinkan

I just found a new blog. Check out Elinkan. She's adorable so of course she's Swedish. The translations she provides are even more adorable- especially the one below.Ögonfransar är hemskt vackra, precis som ögon, och nyckelben. En dag som denna har jag ätit glass, tittat på deverse serier på teven och nästan inte varit produktiv alls. Också har jag varit på tråkigt humör. Dock blev jag lite uppmuntrad precis, när min syster gav mig ett par lösögonfransar som hon hittat på sitt rum. Det är sådana oväntade händelser som gör min dag idag. Som när jag övningskörde, då blev en gammal man arg på mig för att jag svängde för långsamt, och gestikulerade argsint där han satt på förarsidan. Att bara kunna sansa sig själv då, och bemöta honom med ett leende, ja, det gjorde mig glad.

(Eyelashes are beautiful, like eyes and collar bones. Today I've been eating ice cream and watching tv. And I've been in a bad mood. But I got a bit happy when my sister gave me a pair of false eyelashes which she had found in her room. That's one of those unexpected things that makes my day.)

*I am always most attracted to things in other women that remind me of myself. Here it's her painted on freckles- they remind me that my real ones are beautiful.

Summer Solution: Lace

I posted earlier that it is too soon for lace tights. Since then I've been slightly obsessed with the idea of wearing tight black lace. Here's how for summer- this Free People Kristals cami or this Kova and T Liz skirt.

Both are see-through which means a lot of cool layering possibilities, but also the good chance of looking sexed not sexy, so be careful.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kill Devil Hill

New boutique Kill Devil Hill is right around the corner from my apartment. I haven't been in yet, but it has been getting a lot of good press. Most recently it made The Moment's list of the top 6 new stores. Looks like I'll be popping in after work.

She's a Ginger

Serves 6
3 c. ginger, peeled and sliced
3 c. sugar3 c. water
2 qts. soda water
lime wedges
4 mint sprigs

Mix ginger, sugar, and water in a saucepan and bring to a slow simmer. Reduce by half and strain. As the liquid cools it will become syrupy.

In a tall glass of ice, add mint sprig and a ratio of 1 part ginger syrup to 7 parts soda water. Squeeze a little juice from the lime, stir, and add a lime wedge to the drink.

I like projects that are both complicated and unnecessary. This weekend, Michelle, let's dress in sexy cardigans and make summery ginger ale cocktails.

Recipe from Liqurious--the new member of the notcot group.

Look #18

From Beckerman's.

Your Bra Is Showing

Why thank you, I'll take that as a compliment.

Yesterday Elizabeth told me about an especially sexy waitress she had at a New York Restaurant. Her hair was tousled and pinned back, her lipstick just a tad smudged. She wore a loose navy cardigan that was just sheer enough to subtly reveal the bra beneath it. Maybe the look was unwitting, but I doubt it. Still, since hearing about this image, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. The demure cardigan, the hint of sex. It's positively flushing.

So of course I've set out to find the look. It's hard to find a cardigan that isn't form-fitting necessarily, but certainly not frumpy. Something just conservative enough, but tiny. Sheer from wear. Something with microscopic, pearly buttons. My favorite part of this hunt has been imagining what bra I would wear underneath it. I can picture that navy blue cardigan with a bright pink number or a vintage maroon sweater with a muted purple to go under. And the bra would have to be understated itself. Preferably a demi with an underwire, but no push-up or shaped cup to impose anything obviously alluring. That's where Stella McCartney's lingerie comes in. Something like this:

Stella McCartney's lingerie perfectly captures that barely there look, simultaneously innocent and provocative. And she definitely delivers on the one thing I ask of my underwear, which is to feel so good on that I don't want to wear anything over it.

You can buy Stella McCartney at Net-A-Porter.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Momma's got a brand new bag

These are the bags I want.
Clockwise from top left:
Knox Manyana Shoulder Tote
Rachel Navsik Pheobe Satchel
Jack Rabbit Collection The Concord Tote
Jenny Yuen Grey Hitchcock Bowler
Gryson Haylie Double Zip


My dad asked me what I want for my birthday. I can't ask my dad for the new purse I need/want so I said art. He still laughed.

These are by Tomokazu Matsuyama, or Matsu. He's Japanese, but they remind me of the American Southwest. Both have a folk element which really appeals to me.

Check out his website here.

Dancing With Yourself

I love these LD Tuttle shoes at Oak, but what I really love are the photos that look like she's dancing with herself.