Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Like This A Lot

This was a great weekend for sales. A.P.C. was great, but I should have gotten the trench. I made myself proud at Opening Ceremony for exercising restraint when it came to a certain cotton floral bustier. Sigh, maybe its still there.

Before going to check out Nolita boutique I Heart's 25% off sale, I tried to look at their website to see what would be in store. They used to have a website, right? What I found was much better- their blog which seems to be written by owner Jill Bradshaw.

Usually I hate it when a store runs a blog instead of a legitimate website- its really pretty lazy and maybe a little unprofessional. This blog however makes I Heart seem fun, approachable, and even reasonably priced.

My problem with the store before was that it was cool, too cool for me. The staircase leading into the basement space is foreboding. The clothes are almost aggressively cool and out of my price range. The blog definitely changed my opinion, so I'll be heading back soon, but probably not before the 80% off extravaganza she keeps mentioning.

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