Friday, August 15, 2008

In Awe

All the lines are posting their A/W 2008 lookbooks these days, and many are presenting their newest clothes in increasingly compelling ways. Designed Memory's portfolio has been getting a lot of buzz lately for lending their signature flowy scrapbook and textured aesthetic to many a designer's website. But recently I stumbled across A Small Collection, which takes a similarly seamless Flash approach to its site design, but achieves dreaminess without overdosing on spectacle for spectacle's sake.

Ever since Madewell debuted their live, twirling models to show their clothes to maximum effect, I've been intrigued by this kind of presentation. I like A Small Collection's take, which does the same all while bringing the visitor inside Alyson Fox's utterly believable enchanted winter.


Anonymous said...

the video on small collection is great. but the feeling given by that loading page is lost in the rest of the site which is totally limiting and dull.

the video though was beautiful. wish that mood would have carried over.

willamina said...

designed memory does amazing work. hardly say they do spectacle for spectacles sake. everyone of their sites ive seen feels like the brand they are working with and more, never get fluff from their work.

i think your cowboy pants are too tight

but overall great blog girls

M. Kirstin S. said...

I definitely admire Designed Memory's work, and think it's perfect for bringing as close to the visceral experience of fashion (that is, actual garments and fabrics and inspiration boards) as you can achieve online. But the danger with any full-bleed, 'complete multisensory web experience'-type aesthetic in general is "overdosing on spectacle for spectacle's sake."

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

"the spectacle manifests itself as an enormous positivity, out of-reach and beyond dispute."

- guy debord

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