Monday, November 24, 2008

First Class

Luella and Karen Walker give me just the shades I need for my vacation to the 50's. It could happen any day now, I just got a free ticket on miles from Delta. They fly there, right?


Nathalia said...

I would want to wear them on my vacation.. if I could have one haha. Love your blog so much.)

Elisabeth Moody said...

haha, i love vintage glasses (or at least ones that look vintage).
i am not sure if delta flies into the the 1950's, but american does the 80's.


v said...

those luella shades are bargain price at the outnet, so good. but their sold out!

great post

Miss Woody said...

i love the first vintage sunglasses ! so 1950ies !

Maya said...



Chip said...

nothing to put a pep in your travel step like a great pair'a'shades

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sofía said...

want some

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