Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cerulean Tinted Glasses

Like many girls my age, romanticizing Felicity's construction of life as a doe-eyed University of New York co-ed is second nature. Love or hate the big sweaters, for me her uniform came to represent innocence and intelligence. She looked so cozy bustling about in her thick cable knits and oversized coats, big hair flapping in the subway tunnel's stale breeze.

I don't look like Felicity and she would probably never don a coat like the one I'm about to plug, but my obsession with good outerwear begins and ends with four WB years of her coming of age. Seriously, was it ever warm in the city while she was there? But this isn't about Felicity, it's about GD coats! Remember Miranda Priestly's diatribe about cerulean? Ouch, but I definitely know the color when I see it now and I love saying it: cerrrrruuuuulean. How delicious.

Like this coat, called the Lady Day Overcoat. This particular shape is everywhere suddenly and acts as a welcome respite from the pressures of dressing like an androgynous pencil. I just love the peter pan collar. Even the bows on the pockets fill me with glee. My opinions of Anthropologie have darted all over the map over the years. Sometimes I am less than impressed with trying to pass faux patchwork and bohemian embellishments for actual design. Still, the whole lifestyle of the brand is impossible to dislike. Who wouldn't want to be a constantly vacationing retro dream woman?

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