Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cusps, Wings & Pretty Things

A whole other wing was added to the already gigantic Tysons Corner Shopping Center in McLean, Virginia. To my knowledge, the only reason why this particular mall is located outside Washington, D.C. proper is because, if placed inside, it would eat the entire city and not even bat an eyelash. This wing, which playfully channels an army bunker, only with more glass, signage and recessed lighting, houses an unfathomably large AMC movie theatre, a Barnes & Noble and assorted other "higher end" shopping options, you know, in case there weren't enough. I needed a personal GPS to keep me en route to my carefully chosen shopping destinations today; there was no room for dilly-dallying.

I'd never seen or heard of a store called Cusp until today, but the mannequins in the window were wearing some of my favorite pieces, including this confectionary sequined dress from Alice & Olivia that I have loved ever since Neiman Marcus debuted it before ShopBop could drape it on one of their personality-devoid models. If it weren't for the fact that this dress leaves little room for my boobs to carry out their function of not stifling my regular heartbeat, I would have snapped up this piece before you could say arrhythmia. What was special about the store, though, was that it afforded me the rare opporunity of touching the clothes I admire from the safe distance of my computer screen. I got more than the requisite three extra views to examine all the angles, I got to feel the clothes themselves, and that was no small treat.

I was pretty impressed at their range of designers and price points. Furthermore, they stock some pretty spanking new stuff, including this much-touted line from Karta. The clothes fall flat in pictures, perhaps due in part to the matte fabrics and simple lines, but in person they're positively divine. Each fabric is a dream to feel between your fingers and hangs elegantly on many frames. You can browse and purchase selections for the line at ShopBop, Singer 22 and Nordstrom. (Isn't it astonishing how differently the clothes are made to look depending on which stores photograph it?) Alternatively, you could just admire, like I do everyday, this heaven-spun little number:

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