Sunday, May 25, 2008

Going Bare

Nail polish has had a great year and why not. You can change colors to fit your mood, its a cheap and easy fashion statement, and there are more options out there now than ever before.
As someone who thinks far too much about topics like nail color I am acutely aware of the subtle associations of Lincoln Park After Dark versus Ballet Slippers. Black was once anti-establishment. It became fashion forward, then fashion everywhere, and we were on to blue then grey now green(?).
Thursday Styles recently did a piece on the trend towards embracing chipped nails.
I say it has gone too far. I am going bare for the summer.
I do not mean to suggest I'll be giving up my all-too regular mani-pedi's. What it means is that for the summer I'll be giving up color. Who knows how long this will last, I will probably miss the pops of Big Apple Red on my toes and deciding between Limo-scene and Mod Hatter for my fingers. On the plus side, this is another way to stay toxin free.

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