Monday, September 29, 2008

Many thanks ShopStyle

I have been aware of the benefits of ShopStyle for a little while now. It is a great place to search for an item across a wide platform of shopping sites. Not until today however have I seen its great capacity for comparison shopping.

Yesterday after doing some research at the Bloomingdales beauty counters and Michelle searched for a new winter coat, we hit up the shoe department. This is where I found my perfect shoe. Belle by Sigerson Morrison created a shoe so perfectly suited to me that I couldn't have even imagined it myself. Behold the intersection of moccasin and loafer with a slight punk edge. The $345 Bloomies wanted to charge me seemed prohibitively expensive, but thanks to ShopStyle, I found them on ShopBop for a *mere* $295!

This does make me wonder—since when is ShopBop cheaper than anywhere else and what does Bloomies think they're doing marking something up so much? Aren't people turned off enough by department stores already?