Saturday, January 19, 2008

Be Mine, Jovovich-Hawk

Their new Spring 2008 stuff isn't even in stores, but you can browse their campaign looks on their website right now. While they've always had a signature style (great details, very feminine), each season still offers surprises in direction. I'm thrilled to see that they've gone a bit more Boogie Nights, a bit more "I've forgotten my mantra," a bit more confectionary, all in great Spring-y neutrals and pale yellows. There are a billion pieces I'd love to snag up. And with my college graduation around the corner, maybe something will go on sale before then...

How extraordinary is the pop of those hot pink earrings with the soft daffodil dress? And the easy, but body conscious cut and drape of both dresses? Sigh.

Would styling this with a parasol and gloves be a little too over-the-top?

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