Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sporty Spice- What's your default style

Everyone has that one go-to outfit that makes them feel fabulous. Mine is a black D&G bustier dress. I find any excuse to wear it, I’ve even worn in to interviews (confidence is key, right?).

This post is about pretty much the opposite situation—what is your default outfit?

Personally, I default to sporty. This is not just because I like the way my tush looks in spandex. I love skater style, throwback Nikes, even earthy yoga looks. This may have come through in my earlier post about loving heathered gray sweatshirt material.

Whether you default to sporty, preppy, hippie, feminine, boyish, whatever- take a look at your default style and be sure to do that with as much enthusiasm and care as when you put on your go-to outfit, this is an easy way to always look your best.

This is why my sweatshirt from Won Hundred is the perfect default item. It is still comfy, but the bright color and pea-coat style snaps elevate the look. See it here on Michelle. Also, check out their spring lookbook- its fantastic.

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M. Kirstin S. said...

Ahhhh! Good question. (And thanks for the sweatshirt. I was cold and it was warm.)

To answer, I think my default style would either be preppy/equestrian, or just...dresses...does that count? I lean toward prep/eq (heh) clothes because they are clean and easy to wear, and make me look leaner than other styles. Boots are great for this. As for dresses, they instantly shape your body the same way every time, and are just about the most comfortable/versatile outfit choice I can think of. You can look cute or professional in seconds, not to mention the wonders of the A-line.