Friday, January 18, 2008

Not So Basic Boutique

Have you been to Basic Boutique lately? Despite its pretty dumb name, this site curates some of the most desirable, wearable lines around, including my perpetual favorite, Vena Cava. Unlike other online boutiques, which either cater to a much younger style set (it is possible to have too much Juicy, you know), or alternatively, a much older (much richer) clientele, Basic Boutique hits just the spot for my 21- (almost 22-) year old self. Sure, I can spend hours browsing Ron Herman's voluminous, colorful, usually unaffordable offerings, or days upon days surfing the luxe, fantastical, black-gray-black variations at La Garçonne. But at the end of the day, when I want to fantasize about what I'll be wearing when I'm free of the shackles of a private college tuition, I beeline for Basic Boutique's simple, soft clothes. There's nothing too cute or too whimsical about their sophisticated pieces, but this doesn't sacrifice sweetness. From printed silks to provocative strapping, a look at their What's New page will have you salivating for Spring. And a look at their Sale page will have you pining!

Salivating and pining -- now those are two things I can certainly do at this age, until such time as I am Refined and 29.

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jen said...

I WANT that shirt.

(btw this is Rachel's friend Jen... I love your blog.)