Friday, January 18, 2008


Vintage dealers invariably have the best style. Theirs is the art of mixing old and new, but they always come off as equal parts quirky and classic. Just look at how well Marjorie over at The Urban Collection (which just posted a buttload of new items...hurry!) puts together all of her pieces: magic! And recently I discovered Vava over at Metal-Thread Vintage, an eBay tradepost that creates spreadworthy outfits using Polyvore to advertise her finds. I loved reading the story behind the store's name, which alludes to the owner's love of metallic textiles common to early 20th century clothes. Adding any of her one-of-a-kind pieces to your wardrobe would be like injecting that little hint of sparkle that metal threads lend,  and I highly recommend patronizing this site often.

The enthusiasm and output of the entire online vintage community is inspiring. Usually, I hate seeing a "SOLD" tag on a piece I'm dying to have. Who wants a reminder that something beautiful is out of reach? But when I see such a marker on the clothes that Marjorie and Vava sell, I think, "Good for you!" and am only a little bit jealous of the vigilant vintage fans who got there first. 

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