Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Things I would do while wearing this outfit: Grocery shop, send/retrieve the mail, go out on a date, go to a concert or exhibition, pilates, walk my (imaginary) dog, write, shop, climb a tree, drive a car, fly in an airplane, dance, build a shed, wait for instant jell-o pudding to coagulate, research employment/further education opportunities, photoshop, regular shop, go to class, befriend a small child, help the elderly, recycle, drink water, pen a poem, collage, dressage, give a historic tour, tell a ghost story, jump five feet in the air, strut.

Essentially: any tasks both inspired and perfunctory. Ahem --> perFUNKtory.

From Pixie Market.

P.S. This lady's got that kind of outfit down, too. It's pretty remarkable.