Friday, July 18, 2008

Dripping in Gold

This gold Forget Me Knot ring has been around for a little while now. I initially came very close to buying it. I love the idea of something meant to be a temporary reminder turned into something more permanent. They are made from a mold of a real string that designer Kiel Mead tied on her finger. Sunday's Best has taken a similar idea by casting friendship bracelets. I love friendship bracelets and always have. They are great symbols of youth and summertime. I always wore the ones I made at camp until they were so disgusting they just fell apart. If I knew how to make jewelry I would knot each one separately into different patterns and cast unique bracelets.

Also, yesterday I saw Nantucket-style sailing bracelets cast in gold, but I cannot find them today- if anyone saw what I saw please send me the link!