Monday, July 28, 2008

New to J.Crew

J.Crew just restocked their website and while I definitely love their simplicity and great use of color, they have seemed a little misguided lately. The dress on the top suits the Mad Men craze and proves that Michael Kors doesn't have a monopoly on that look. For whatever reason, to counter the retro sophistication of that dress, they went and made a couple of Abercrombie-esque t-shirts that leave a bad bad taste in my mouth.

The bright pea coat with an interesting fold-over collar and great tiny buttons is on the right track. I love the contrast of the color and the boucle mohair, making it slightly edgy and slightly preppy. I would probably pair it with black motorcycle boots.

The cardigan is an important standby and might just be the item I need to look like a certain waitress I was admiring.