Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plug: Hayden-Harnett

No more than a few blocks from Elizabeth's and my apartment is Hayden-Harnett, a beacon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for local designers and accessories mavens alike. The store itself is filled with stylish curios and the kind of quality eclectic furniture that made Elizabeth and I, who are currently furnishing our own apartment, blush. Known for their glamorous handmade bags and youthful clothes, H-H is the perfect stop for those evening-wear investment pieces you might be craving.

Elizabeth found plenty to choose from when it came to everyday shoulder bags, and gravitated toward the Bernardin Day Bag and the Tharpe Hobo in grey.
I myself fell for the Barnard Crossbody and the convertible Pallenberg Duffel because I like to be able to swing my arms around when I walk. Actually, more like flail helplessly, but who's counting? Even in red, the character of the leather comes through.

Of course, both of us could agree on the undeniable charm of these two pieces, the Delancey Clutch in cream--an exercise in understatement with an elegant envelope shape and great detail like subtle gemstone embellishment-- and the Ipanema Framed Clutch Wallet--its sleek and metallic exterior encases an efficient wallet. Together they make quite a striking pair.