Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cues and Whispers

From Stockholm. Filippa K launches a novel retail concept around its new branded secondhand shop.
Any clothing enthusiast wages war not only with his or her own stuff, but with the idea of accumulating, generating, encouraging and disseminating said stuff. But the people at Filippa K have come up with a way to welcome back and repackage their clothes, all within the family. Have a couple Filippa K sweaters you have no use for? Sell it through the very people whose name is on the label.

The not-for-profit idea not only promotes environmental consciousness through its emphasis on reuse and recycling, but also reflects positively on the timelessness and high quality of Filippa K's garments to begin with. The shop will also carry seasonal collection samples to keep the inventory fresh.

As Springwise points out, the concept signals a welcome and "healthy antidote to fast fashion."

As someone who has always paid her clothes forward, it's also exciting to note the possibilities from the shopping end. There's joy in curated, assorted vintage, to be sure, but now you can shop at your favorite brands knowing that the garment you hold was proudly owned and worn by a fellow Filippan. Or Phillipan...hint hint.