Monday, July 21, 2008

A Rose by any other Name

Celebrity designer collaborations can be such a mixed bag. It seems great to be able to emulate your favorite celebrity's style, but it is not so easy for a brand to box it up and sell it. For this reason I am anxiously awaiting Rachel Bilson's line with DKNY Jeans called Edie Rose. I love her style, but I am nervous that the line could fall flat. DKNY Jeans is an interesting brand to partner with. I don't see Bilson as a DKNY girl and she embodies California style which does not match up with DNKY Jeans's urban undertone. The campaign that WWD posted last week made my heart sink a little, but I finally found some images of the line and I can say that things are looking good. I love the choice limiting the palate to black and white with notes of yellow. It looks edited, young, and current. I like a lot. The line of 15 pieces comes out in September.