Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cute Clothes at WTFAYS* Prices


Check out these adorable/affordable internet shopping finds from Lulu's and Heavenly Couture.

Get a load of that mosaic print up close. Only $45.

Like all those office-ready, two-pieces-in-one Theory dresses, but only $47.50.

A great interpretation on the ruffle trend without overdoing it. Only $47.

Like a lollipop. Amazing detail at the one shoulder and definitely an attention grabber. Only $29.50!!! Again, WTFAYS.

I love the black and white print + the sleeves. Only $49.

Dance-y and elongating. The definition of wearable. Only $34.

Potentially poorly made and unflattering...but still cool? Only $43.

High-waisted? Check. Pleating? Check. Wide leg? Check. Suspenders? Check. Not totally perfect as this style goes, but hey, only $42.50, so just calm down.

Look at the colors! And the interesting seaming and gathering detail! Omg and only $24.50. Love it styled with the gray patent sandals, too.

Roses! Only $17.95.

A basic black dress in a classy, vintage cut. Only $17.95.

Sporty in eggplant. Only $17.95.

Summery layer that you can wear into Fall. I repeat, only $17.95.